Masterwize is certified to ISO 45001 OH&S – Making a difference to our peoples’ health and wellbeing

Masterwize is certified to ISO 45001 OH&S – Making a difference to our peoples’ health and wellbeing

Continuing in our commitment to provide excellence in safety and wellbeing, Masterwize is proud to announce its ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, the world’s first internationally recognised safety standard.

Here at Masterwize, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees. Excellence in safety and professional hygiene services, this focus is coupled with quality working conditions and the wellbeing of our people.

Our achievement demonstrates not only the presence of an integrated business management system that works cohesively with the quality assurance and environmental functions, but also our dedication to our employees, displaying our commitment to valuing their skills and knowledge.

Being one of the main cleaning and hygiene service providers in the commercial sector, means that we recognise a healthy workplace is a happy and productive one. The importance and benefits of good health to employees in the workplace is evident, now more than ever.

The health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace is a global public issue. ISO 45001 focuses on the prevention of work-related injury and ill health, as well as providing a safe and healthy workplace. As an employer of choice, it is our responsibility to be the leader in preventing ill health and promoting good health. Wellbeing at the workplace is strongly associated with employee engagement, creating a place of work that employees are willing to work in because they feel valued and safe, and are happy feeling part of a supportive work community.

Our people-centred approach is built on trust within our organisation, our culture fosters a strong, ethical and collaborative working environment, ensuring safe working practices for everyone, every day.