Industry Focus: Retail Hygiene After COVID-19

Industry Focus: Retail Hygiene After COVID-19

As The Australian population reaches the COVID-19 vaccination targets, and businesses open their doors again, such as retail stores, restaurants and workplaces; consumers are keen to get out that again and get on with their lives.

It is the obligation for retail stores to develop a strategy for maintaining high standards of hygiene as restrictions ease. Ensuring employees and patrons feel safe and confident in the hygiene practices, restoring confidence in the retail sector.

Retail stores have the obligation to ensure covid safe environments are adhered to by staff and customers, things like limiting customer numbers, appropriate queuing, front door security to ensure compliance, clear signage, using cashless payment, online shopping alternatives, re-arranging stock for customer flow; is top of mind for facility and store managers.

A Focus On Cleaning, Hygiene and Infection Control

The objectives of regular cleaning are scheduled frequencies, the elimination of dirt and debris, and general maintenance. Items such as display window cleaning and floor maintenance programs meet these requirements. Although now there is also an attention to conduct high-touch-point surface cleaning and sanitisation cleaning is becoming standard practice for all businesses going forward, emphasis on surfaces such as door handles, counters, and payment machines must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Retail workplaces should be cleaned, at a minimum daily, however having a fulltime or part time day cleaning service, in addition, which supports your sanitisation cleaning services is recommended. When and how often your premises should be disinfected will depend on the likelihood of contaminated material being present. You should prioritise cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that many people touch. Regular cleaning is key to minimising the build-up of dust and dirt and allows for effective disinfection for your business cleaning requirements.

Ways you can protect staff & customers from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is by implementing appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures for your retail premises. A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in eliminating the COVID-19 virus.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Is my business well planned and in the readiness to return to the premises, safely for my staff and customers, or can I improve our plan?
  • Is my business complying with State and Federal regulations?

Masterwize have developed COVID-19 cleaning packages which include day cleaning shifts, deep sanitising touch point cleaning, PPE & consumables, site COVID-19 cleaning planning along with maintenance cleaning , periodical cleaning & disinfection services such as fogging and or wiping down programs to help contain the COVID-19 virus.

Entrust the hygiene program

The Masterwize iLeader system and service delivery platform has been engineered to adhere to international standards for Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Assurance. Health in the workplace is a global public issue with a focus on prevention rather than controlling it.

Masterwize has a duty of care for our clients, they can trust the service quality level of COVID-19 disease mitigation, having the correct processes, procedures, equipment and TGA approved chemicals for retail stores to safely re-open as soon as possible.

A Multi-location Approach

For organisations that have several locations, the Masterwize approach delivers a rapid response to setup regardless of geographical boundaries, delivering a unified approach that ensures consistency in service delivery, and a standardised practice across the country, fostering a strong, ethical and collaborative working environment together with their clients. The Masterwize business is as an extension of your business and with their specialised high calibre teams, Masterwize has the 30 years in-depth experience by utilising our resources across our business, which serves as a perfect blend for your business requirements.