Focus On Equipment Efficiency: Backpack Vacuum

Focus On Equipment Efficiency: Backpack Vacuum

A cordless backpack vacuum cleaner makes cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. Since there are several types of vacuum cleaners such as canister and upright, cordless vacuums offer many user advantages that encourage its use for professionals. It is even being adapted by the domestic user as it is convenient and ergonomically designed. Some reasons why you should look at selecting a cordless backpack vacuum include the following.

Increased efficiency and flexibility

As the vacuum cleaner evolves over time, such as, the introduction of equipment weight minimisation and sleeker design the operations remain the same, you still need to drag the item with you, challenges also come with power source. Sometimes the size of the unit can also be an issue when you are trying to get into difficult spaces, making cleaning a more challenging task, often resulting in manual cleaning. With backpack vacuums this isn’t a challenge at all, you can easily get into small spaces without the need to be pulling a vacuumed around with you.

Ergonomically designed

Backpack vacuums are purposely designed for ease of use, their design encourages the operators posture to be positioned correctly, making back injuries, strained limbs or cramps obsolete. Because there are no cables there are no risks of stepping or slipping on cables as the task is done, it also makes manoeuvring easier without having to consider cables. You can also reach spaces such as staircases and air vents ensuring a through clean every time.

Long term cost savings

Using a backpack vacuum is actually more affordable in the long term, because of their simpler design it has less components thereby less chance of breaking down and needing repairs. Because of the ergonomic design of the vacuum, it encourages a faster, more efficient clean thereby resulting in less time spent vacuuming.

Health benefits

The health benefits that come from using a backpack vacuum include increased air quality, common pollutants that can affect the environment include formaldehyde (from painting, varnishes and printers), Benzene and VOCs (from traffic, building materials and furniture), pollen, allergens, bacteria and industrial emissions.

The backpack vacuum cleaner eliminates all the dust and dirt directly into the canister. They have built in HEPA filters which absorb 99.97% of contaminants and dust from hard and soft surfaces. Using the traditional vacuum technology can lead to respiratory problems an allergies, often when the space is crowded due to customers and staff and merchandise. The backpack vacuum is the best cleaning tool to overcome these issues.

The green tick of approval

The energy efficiency of the backpack vacuum contributes to minimising electricity usage and costs associated. Conventional vacuums can contribute to more than double in costs and time spent to do the task. Since backpack vacuums can do the same task in less time, you save more on both electricity costs, task duration and decreased costs for cleaning services.

Battery operated backpack vacuums are being adapted across a number of businesses, they are easy to operate, light weight and are more quiet, you will notice a remarkable difference when you apply these to your facility management model alleviating some of the pressures from your role.