A Safe Workplace, a healthy business: The Impact of Floor Hygiene

A Safe Workplace, a healthy business: The Impact of Floor Hygiene

So you have implemented a COVID SAFE cleaning program with regular deep cleaning, and you are frequently disinfecting your high touch points – have you considered the floor?

According to the American Journal of Infection Control, studies have found contaminated floors result in the transfer of harmful pathogens to hands and other objects. Although floors are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis they are somewhat overlooked and are not given the same attention to detail as high touch points.

Workplace associated infections are often preventable and are shown to be linked to bacteria that exist on the floor. With floors not being classed a frequently touched surfaces, research suggests this area may be overlooked in measures to prevent and control associated infections.

Although many organisations believe they are taking appropriate measures, planning frequent periodical floor cleaning programs do support your current COVID Safe maintenance cleaning programs.

Stripping & sealing, deep scrubbing hard floor surface areas, soft floor surfaces and furnishings through steam or dry cleaning will provide your carpets, window coverings, office lounges and staff chairs the necessary cleaning process but also eliminates bacteria, protecting and enhancing your surface areas. Creating a barrier against abrasions from foot traffic and dirt and spillages which cause dulling and discolouring. When stripping and sealing is applied to the floors it become easier to clean, and soiling can be removed faster.

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