The New Normal

The New Normal

Resuming Business and Cleaning in a Post-COVID World

As restrictions start to ease across various states and territories in Australia, its important that businesses understand what is expected from them now that their business operations resume to normalcy in a post-covid environment. It is vital you stay up-to-date and follow the health and safety guidelines from the relevant state authorities.

Ensure you handle the positively tested case in accordance with the state regulations, part of the process also includes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. For hard surfaces it is advised you treat the area either using a 2-step process using detergent and water for cleaning followed by disinfection, or using a combined detergent and disinfectant solution, a 2-in-1 clean.

We recommend you clean and disinfect all high touchpoint surfaces that may have been touched, coughed or sneezed on; these include door handles, tabletops, light switches, handrails, computer and other shared equipment, shared tools, telephones, kitchen equipment, sinks, basins, bathrooms and toilets. Minimally touched surfaces that need to be cleaned include floors, ceilings, walls and blinds.

Should your staff not have the capacity to clean your business in accordance with health and safety regulations we recommend you conduct a disinfection cleaning service on the same day when you have been notified of a positive COVID case at your business, or when your business is closed. This will ensure your business is clean and safe to have workers and visitors in the premises the next day.

Only when your workers have been medically cleared, they are able to return to work. Workers who are contacts can return to work once they have completed testing and isolation period. After returning to work it is the responsibility of the business to provide information for their safety, including self-monitoring, where to seek advice and help, visual reminders not to enter premises if they are unwell, follow advice on physical distancing and personal hygiene, communicating infection control measures the business has put in place and any other specific advice provided by the public health authorities.

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