Why Retail Stores Are Loving Outsourced Cleaning Services | 3 Reasons

Cleaning services has changed a great deal in a short period of time. Now, sanitisation cleans are number one on every store managers’ radar. The store environment influences employees’ productivity, performance and well-being. Regardless of the type of retail store it is, maintaining a clean store will help keep staff members safe, healthy and efficient. However, as stores start to build up more momentum and sales and workloads start to increase causing cleaning standards to decrease.
Whilst it may be tempting to put off cleaning duties around the store, doing so can put employees at risk of suffering an injury or illness and may even impact performance levels. Maintaining a clean and hygienic store it vital for employers to reduce their workers compensation claims and keep efficiency at its best.

This post covers the three main reasons why cleaning services is a must for any retail business¬ – and why they should be outsourced.

Safety should be a top priority

When employees work in messy environment, its likely they don’t notice all hazards, which can impact the likelihood of an accident. An occupational hazard is a risk of illness or accidents in the workplace. An occupational hazard is commonly caused by neglect on the part of the employer and or lack of awareness by the worker. Herein where the problem lies, the workplace isn’t kept clean and it may increase the chance that a hazard will go unnoticed.
Such is the case when retail stores make the decision to delegate employees to clean, workers store equipment and or cleaning chemicals out of place and may injure themselves, perhaps resulting in a workers compensation claim. Employers may want to remember to keep the workplace free of debris and remind workers to put all equipment into a designated area to prevent any injury or illness.

Insurances and liability coverage

Should you decide to do cleaning inhouse, it does leave you and your business open to workers compensation claims, keeping in mind that your insurance generally covers your main line of work however there are specific adjustments that would need to made to your policy to cover cleaning managed internally. When a company decides to outsource the cleaning services to a professional cleaning company the transfer of risks and liability is on the cleaning company which their insurance policies are specifically designed around.

Health and Wellbeing

During the winter months workplaces will see an increase in the number of employee sick days. As we have seen around the world germs and viruses can spread quickly if the workplace doesn’t manage hygiene levels via proper cleaning and sanitisation. This is especially the case in commonly touched areas such as POS areas, back of house areas and main entryways.

Masterwize has helped many retailer’s breakthrough the reliance on internal staff cleaning and its challenges, and stay on track with correct cleaning and hygiene practices. To learn more about how you can deliver a clean retail store – and what methods work best for your situation- get in touch with us today.

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