Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility

Masterwize is committed to a sustainable approach to doing business. We understand the need to balance economic, social and environmental aspects impacted by our existence. We are committed to green cleaning initiatives which will promote sustainable activities in a balanced approach with other goals of your organisation.

Our cleaning systems are defined by measurable outcomes in terms of cleaning performance and methods of achieving environmental, health and hygiene outcomes.

Modern slavery

Masterwize is committed to limiting the risk of modern slavery occurring within its own business, infiltrating its supply chains or through any other business relationship. Although we do not have a formal policy in place our business practices ensure that our employees valued people. Our employees are treated with respect and dignity, we ensure working conditions are provided to be as safe as possible, ensuring they have the opportunity to comply with basic safety rules. We recognise we have a responsibility to all our employees with their safety and the general public.

All forms of modern slavery have in common, the deprivation of a person’s liberty by another in order to exploit them for commercial or personal gain and amount to a violation of an individual’s fundamental human rights. Tackling modern slavery requires colleagues to play a part and remain vigilant to the risk in all aspect of the Masterwize business and business relationships.

Being socially responsible in everything we do

Being an employer of a large number of people in a traditionally low paid industry we have found the most important contribution Masterwize can make is by ensuring our employees are paid strictly in accordance with the Modern Awards and employment conditions are maintained strictly in accordance with the National Employment Standards. Masterwize is also committed to comply with the relevant legislation in those circumstances where independent contractors are utilised.

Masterwize is committed to refugee and new migrants employment, indigenous employment, women in the workforce, seniors employment and younger people employment. At Masterwize we are committed to facilitating employment opportunities for people who form part of the group “social benefits”.

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