Retail Store Cleaning Services – Retail Success Starts With A Clean Store

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Have you ever walked into a retail store and noticed a layer of dust coating the checkout? Or dirty fingerprints over the mirror in the dressing room? Or clutter piled high on the front desk? If you have, did you ever return to that store?

For a consumer the first impression is critical. People will avoid public spaces – shops, pharmacies and other consumer facing locations – that fail to meet basic standards of cleanliness.

Un-clean store; they won’t come back

According to a retail consumer study generated by M/A/R/C Research and National In-store from America, 14% of consumers surveyed said they would cease visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like. Furthermore, 29% said they would continue visiting an unclean store only if it was absolutely necessary.

The store atmosphere and attention to retail cleaning greatly affects the mood of the consumer. People like to shop as it gives them a physical connection with a brand and their products.

Shopping is an “experience”; as soon as the consumer puts their foot through that front door they embark on a journey. It’s a leisure activity for many and a social occasion.

If the store is untidy, cluttered and dirty it can be quite confronting and make consumers feel on edge and leaves them with a negative perception towards your brand in their minds.

Retailers need to consider the general wellbeing of every person who walks through their door. They need to ensure that retail store cleaning processes are up to scratch. Retail locations are high traffic areas but also high “germ hotspots”. A poorly maintained store can create a health risk for your brand.

A side project for your retail staff

We hear of many cases where Store Managers have asked their staff to take on retail cleaning duties. The problem is that retail staff are not trained or incentivised to clean and sanitise a store correctly.

The task of retail store cleaning almost certainly falls outside their job description, which can create resentment and potentially impact staff retention rates. The cost implications can be significant when these practices are applied across multiple locations.

Retailers suffer from a local level of control, inconsistent standards and hidden costs when they fail to put the right processes and resources in place for store cleaning.

Rigorous management processes, regular audit and quality control represent best practice, which is where a commercial cleaning company comes in.

Your retail cleaning services partner

A professional retail cleaning services company will posses all of the highest-quality, relevant equipment needed to clean a premise to quality standards, and the focus and processes to ensure that cleaners deliver a great result. This results in improved standards, streamlined management and greater consistency across multiple retail locations.

More importantly, retail employees are freed up to focus on their real job: customer service and sales support, which is where Store Managers can influence the customer experience in a positive way.

The physical presentation of retail stores should not be overlooked, particularly in the context of online shopping, which represents a threat to physical retailers.

A clean store is literally a hygiene factor, which acts as the basis for your relationship with every shopper or customer and their experience with your brand.

Get it wrong and that relationship will be short lived. Get it right and you’ve set up the circumstances for repeat visitation, increased sales and positive word of mouth.

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