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We work with early learning centres, private and public schools and universities to provide cost-effective cleaning solutions that promote a healthy and positive learning environment.

Our team of experienced cleaners use the latest technology and eco-friendly products to protect everyone in your educational setting.
Why work with us

We partner with primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities to deliver long-term strategies and maximise results, while capably managing confidentiality and security requirements.

We employ the latest in cleaning technologies and work with you to create tailored hygiene and cleaning solutions systems for your education network business.

Our people are experienced commercial cleaners who are carefully selected to best fit with your requirements. We induct cleaners into our safety culture, invest heavily in training and upskilling staff and provide our people with the best technology and leaders in the industry.

We believe that students and teachers benefit from a clean environment, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without being distracted. Our aims align with yours – to help students succeed by maintaining learning environments that encourage creativity and connection and foster that all-important sense of connection.

Your school community benefits from a dedicated management team which aligns our standards to the National Health Cleaning Guidelines – so that your school is left safe, clean and hygienic for kids, teachers, staff and our communities each day of each week.

The Masterwize Advantage

A safety-first approach and industry-leading certification standards is critical in education cleaning – and those things are simply part of who we are.

We use the latest cloud-based technology to support our services, enabling direct cleaner engagement, time and attendance monitoring and real-time reporting.

Schools and universities also appreciate our corporate values, including our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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